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Redberry Premium Catering & Service

Along with establishing Redberry we have opened another permanent branch of our business - Redberry Premium Catering & Service.

We have created Redberry Premium Catering & Service in order to meet any taste through light and sophisticated composition of snacks and meals.

We are wherever sophisticated taste and perfect service are needed.
Lots of companies and natural persons have already trusted us.

We will realise your vision promptly, efficiently and timely with Redberry brand warranty. You may select a package or just individual services our of our offer: :

» professional service (waiters, baristas, animators)
» preparation of sweet, savoury, cold or hot refreshments with snacks.
» preparation of attractions at events (suggestions and performance of fun games, competitions and special program)
» Care about details (invitations, dance cards, gifts, etc.)

Contact: catering@redberry.pl

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